Park planning, landscaping and improvement of the physical environment of Station Garden Park, Stara Zagora in order to achieve a sustainable urban environment

The park has been completely renovated, both the paving along the alley network and the park furniture have been replaced, trees and flowers have been planted.
The repair works also include a complete replacement of the lighting fixtures with a new, modern look, construction of the video surveillance system. Three square spaces have also been created – at the northern and southern entrances to the garden and in the central area.
This is the first rehabilitation of the Station Garden since its creation until now.
The total value of the project is BGN 4,394,004.54, of which the grant from the OP “Growing Regions” 2014-2020 is in the amount of BGN 4 million. The total area of the garden is nearly 52 decares.
For the renovated Station Garden, the Municipality of Stara Zagora was awarded a diploma in the category “Projects related to the development of cities” in the prestigious competition “Building of the Year”. The project has also been nominated for the 2022 Green Cities Europe Award.

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